What Makes us Different

Our specialty is fencing and carpentry, and we are happy to offer a full range of fencing services such as new fence installation, fence repair, gated fence installations in Windcrest, and gate and fence installation in Converse, Texas . We have been providing gate repair in Converse and the surrounding areas for 17 years and have built an excellent reputation within the local community. We are proud to be one of the most affordable fencing companies in the community and industry.

I started my business straight out of high school with a hope, a prayer, thirty-five dollars, and a lawn mower. The odds were stacked against me and I had several of my teachers tell me I would never be successful but my perseverance and tenacity never allowed that to get in my way. Over the past twelve years I have branched into all levels of home maintenance and remodeling. My specialty is fencing, decking and carpentry, I hope to expand my business to real-estate development providing expertise in repairs and accommodations for wounded soldiers and low income families that most landlords or banks won’t touch. The people that deserve to have a home to call their own because they have a good job and work hard but faced some trials and tribulations in their past. I am completely unlike any of my competitors out there. I bring a time-honored level of respect to my customers and I value my clients because they are what makes my business. Without them I would have nothing and not be where I am today.

Always Open: Family Owned and Operated

Unlike many of our competing fencing contractors, we have a great reputation within the industry. We complete our contracts on time, always use proper procedures, and have never and will never take advantage of a customer’s situation or hardship. A moral compass, honesty, and honor are the foundation by which we have established integrity. We have many long-term loyal customers that love these traits; that’s why they keep our business card on their refrigerator and our number in their cell phones. The professional demeanor of our technicians put customers at ease whether in their homes for new fencing in Windcrest, or on their property for gate repair in Converse, and with their children, pets, and most prized possessions. We are always open to serve your family’s needs because we are family owned and operated, and we understand the importance of family.


Integrity is defined as doing the right thing when no one is looking. Plainly put; integrity needs no supervision. Our company is guided by a moral compass that sets the industry standard of a time-honored level of respect to our customers. We value our clients because they are what make us successful. Without our customers trust and support, we wouldn’t be were we are today.

Achievements and Excellence

J.B. Maintenance has a 4.77 out of 5 star rating on homeadvisor.com and was given an overall top rating by homeowners and were highly recommended to other customers. We also earned acalades for Superior Customer Service and passed the HomeAdvisor screening process to earn its coveted Seal of Approval. We also received a 5-year Service Award for longevity with HomeAdvisor. Call for a free estimate, and let us provide our Award Winning service to meet YOUR family’s needs.

  • 2013 WINNER – Rated Best of the Best by HomeAdvisor
  • Top Rated Professional – by homeowners
  • Elite Service Professional – for superior customer service
  • Seal of Approval – from HomeAdvisor
  • 5 Year Award – from HomeAdvisor

Community Involvement

We volunteer for a Wounded Warriors Event called Warriors On The Water once a month during the summer months. We are also proud members of the local American Legion Post and donate to many of their wonderful programs.

Our Motto

  “Treat your customers right and your customers will pay you
threefold what you’re asking.”


Josh was easy to work with and offered me a fair and reasonable quote to do the job. His crew was very polite and knew exactly what and how to do the expected fence repair. They arrived on site @ 9:00 AM and was finished by 12:30 PM. The only damage was to one of my wife's plants, nothing serious, the plant is still doing fine. I would definitely recommend JB Maintenance to others.

Edwin G. in Converse, TX

The work was very neat and looks so good ,they worked together as professionals and job was done quickly and neatly done, if I ever need another job I would be calling them again.

- Sarah U. in San Antonio, TX

JB Maintenance was very professional, knowledgeable and had great attention to detail in repairing my fence. The entire team was courteous and respectful to my property, including to my dog. JB Maintenance breaks the mold of what you would expect from a contractor. They showed up on time, they did the job they said they would do, they used quality materials, and they cleaned up after themselves without me having to say anything, anytime. In the end, they left my property better than how they found it. The customer service alone, was worth more than what they charged me for the whole job.

Shannon T. in Schertz, TX

Building Loyal Customers and Long Term Business