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J.B. Maintenance specializes in reliable fencing and carpentry services for Converse, Texas and the surrounding areas, including wood fence installation in Windcrest and gated fence installation in Universal City, Texas. We’re not like other fencing companies—we don’t just install fences; we also repair and install fences, gated fences, decking, and other carpentry projects. We are your family friendly source for fencing, fencing repair, gated fence installation, decking, and many more of your home installation needs. We provide quality customer service based on a foundation of integrity and a time-honored level of respect for our customers and their families that is sets the standard for the industry.

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J.B Maintenance has been providing excellence in fence, deck repair and installation, and general carpentry for 17 years. We stand out more than most fencing companies in Converse because of the way we can transform customer ideas into dreams come true with a little imagination and a lot of hard work. Not only do we offer value and excellence to families, but we also serve clients who need fencing, carpentry, and repairs for their commercial and rental properties as well. Quality, integrity, customer service, and hard work make up the strong reputation we are proud to say we’ve earned from our customers. Our customers have trusted and still trust us because our customer service comes with a smile and an honest day’s work.
Many of my competitors have given my industry a bad reputation by not completing work, using improper procedures, taking money and never coming back or by being a fly by night entity preying on the elderly. My moral compass and honesty will not allow this,

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Fencing repair in Converse, Texas is one of our specialties. We will work with your insurance company to repair your damaged fence or deck, allowing you to be stress free while we make your home beautiful again.
Time with your family is too priceless to waste installing a deck or repairing a fence. Let us do all that work so that you can spend time doing the things you love with the ones you love.
Our fence company in Converse is fully committed to providing the best customer service possible. Whether we are installing decking so you can enjoy a backyard family reunion or repairing a damaged fence, we are second to none when it comes to integrity, quality, and customer service

Our commitment to quality is unmatched among other fencing companies

Fence installations, fence repairs, gated fence installation and more

Business Description

I started my business straight out of high school with a hope, a prayer, thirty-five dollars, and a lawn mower. The odds were stacked against me and I had several of my teachers tell me I would never be successful but my perseverance and tenacity never allowed that to get in my way. Over the past twelve years, I have branched into all levels of home maintenance and remodeling. My specialty is fencing and carpentry, and we are happy to offer a full range of fencing services like new fence installations, fence repairs, and gate installations and repairs. We have been providing gate and fence services in Converse and the surroundings since 1999 and have built an excellent reputation within the local community. I am completely unlike any competing fencing company out there. I bring a time-honored level of respect to my customers and I value my clients because they are what makes my business. Without them, I would have nothing and not be where I am today. “Treat your customers right and your customers will pay you three fold what you’re asking” is my motto. That is not to say they will pay more monetarily but if I do well by them then they will call me for repeat business, and tell their friends, family, and coworkers about me. Many of my competitors have given my industry a bad reputation by not completing work, using improper procedures, taking money and never coming back ,or by being a fly by night entity preying on the elderly. My moral compass and honesty will not allow this, and honor is something missing dearly from our culture and society today. I have many long term loyal customers that love these traits; they keep my business card on their refrigerator and my number in their cell phones because of this. My professional demeanor allows consumers to feel at ease with me in their homes and on their property with their children, pets, and most prized possessions.


Josh was easy to work with and offered me a fair and reasonable quote to do the job. His crew was very polite and knew exactly what and how to do the expected fence repair. They arrived on site @ 9:00 AM and was finished by 12:30 PM. The only damage was to one of my wife's plants, nothing serious, the plant is still doing fine. I would definitely recommend JB Maintenance to others.

-Edwin G. in Converse, TX